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On a demandé à Senior Salesforce Developer...26 septembre 2019

salesforce exp

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Yes, I have extensive Salesforce Experience



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How would you get a list of Parent Account and its Child Accounts?

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We can make a nested SOQL query. [SELECT Id,Name,(SELECT Id,Name FROM ChildAccount__r) FROM Account] Moins

Tata Consultancy Services

How will you design a bus ticket application in Salesforce.

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stupid question to answer over call. how to explain Entity relationship over call Moins

Intercontinental Exchange

How AJAX is used in Salesforce

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Oh My GOD .. Visualforce provides OOB (Out Of the Box) functionality like "Action Function" and "Action Poller". I told them the same but didn't get whats the expectations and questions. Moins

Traction on Demand

Culture questions, what type of org did I want to work for.

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My anti-fraud, anti-corruption culture I want to work for. anti-corporate kindergarden. One of the tenants culture at 'Traction on Demand' is do the right thing. Which is very fluffy and tons of orgs have this but rarely walk the walk. Moins


What makes Apex different to other languages.

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Its contained and its proprietary to Salesforce.


Designing a solution, technical scenarios and questions.

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I had prior experience with a similar implementation so I gave out a clear blueprint for how the solution could be made, I answered almost all the questions asked correctly. Moins

Schneider Electric

How to call child controller function from parent component if same component is getting called 4 times in parent component.

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Use query selector with dataset to identify required child component and call child function of same component. Moins

Cognizant Technology Solutions

Basic questions about roles, profiles, batch, custom metadata, deployment, test classes etc.

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Just read basics properly.


past experiences

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relate and explain.

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