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On a demandé à Senior Product Owner...26 mars 2021

Do you enjoy working with seniors

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I love working with seniors


We value lifelong learning, tell me about areas where you would like to continue learning.

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I would like to keep learning about how the business operates at the highest levels. How are decisions made, what are valuable methodologies, practices and skills that help run companies effectively. Moins


How to you decide on priorities for the Dev team?

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I am engaged enough to understand the stakeholders perspectives and needs, and I know/understand the Dev team's abilities, bandwidth and preferences. With a mindset of delivering value and moving the roadmap forward, I make choices and pull them in the funnel. Moins


Prepare a planning session to explore a new product feature.

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Im not giving away Net's Secret's ;)


What do you understand about the role and company?

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General feedback on what I understood


I was asked to prepare a presentation about what kind of process I would take to achieve a particular goal. It was a great exercise which allowed me to express my ways of working and answer questions around it.

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I presented and the group drilled down into the detail.


In your opinion, how do you describe the relationship between the Product Owner and the scrum team?

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I emphasized the importance to trust and respect.


It was a mix bag of questions comprising of my Product ownership experience and software development. They heavily rely on AWS for their Development Operations, so be prepared to answer those.

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I prepared everything I could especially the STAR questions and in technical AWS and few coding questions from LeetCode Playground. Moins


Foram diversas entre elas, algumas delas: Quem é Mariana fora do trabalho? Do que gosto; O que acha de trabalhar em startup; Como costumo me organizar no trabalho; Trabalho desafiador do qual me orgulho; Como lido com gerenciamento de mais de um projeto ao mesmo tempo; Entre outras...

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Mariana é mãe, ama a família apaixonada por viagens. Gosto muito pelo clima, desafios constantes, mesclas de conhecimento com as equipes, etc. Através de ferramentas online ou cronogramas. Tembici, mapeamento e implementação de processos, treinamentos e gestão de projetos em 8 filiais. Organização, negociação e alinhamento com clientes internos e externos. Moins


Writing and presenting the business case was the most important aspect of the application process. It provides a business use case for a product owner, allowing a showcase for all Product Owner skills.

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Dipping into your bag of product owner tips and tricks, showcasing what you can do and have done, preemptively seeking out challenges and possible solutions will work well. Moins

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