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The final interviewer showed up late to last interview, then asked me to summarize all of my previous interviews and what I had learned through that process.

what were you doing earlier and what was your role in the previous company

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what is your goal in the next few years

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All of my interviews were behavioral. All of them were focused on Amazon's Leaderships principles. You've got to know these principles inside out, and have multiple examples for each ( I personally had 4 -5 examples for each leadership principle).

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About self and past and current projects in a particular area

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The CEO asked, what did you do for this role? "This" is each of your job experience.

Altogether four steps in the hiring process. Started with HR call, detailed team sessions and one on one with Hiring Manager. I highly enjoyed each step and constantly received clear feed back as to where I stand and what should I expect in the pending process.

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What were your prior experience with product marketing? What are the factors to consider for an ideal GTM strategy? How would you launch Freshbooks in a new geography? What are your suggestions for the Freshbooks product improvements? What did you dress up as for Halloween?

Why do you want to work here?

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