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On a demandé à un Senior Analyst Logistics...21 mars 2014

Did you use the highway to get here? And if so how fast did you drive

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I used the highway, and I drove at 70 MPH...5MPH over the speed limit.


Asked to analyze a large set of data for savings opportunities and then present to the GM/Manager/Hiring Manager. Analysis was open-ended so it was difficult to get off the ground, but went well once I decided on a track. Ended up being a very positive experience.

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I passed. I actually quite enjoyed the format of this promotional interview.

Quantech Services

Do you wish to take the position you are currently filling?

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When can I start?

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As soon as they win the contract.


Current position and responsibilities

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It was pretty easy.


How do you tackle a difficult task?

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I tackle the easiest/fastest parts of the task first. If there are parts of the task I cannot complete due to time restraints or lack of knowledge, I reach out to my teammates. Moins

SC Johnson

Case related questions (Scenario, Task, Actions and Results)

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Answered using an example in most cases


Interview with manager was a bit much. Spent over an hour on the phone answering MANY questions, many which were the same questions asked in different ways.


What systems are you familiar with? How did you solve a problem using the system? How did you seek out a problem to solve? Explain how you reduced xyz? What steps did you take to increase xyz? How do you define customer service? What steps do you take when you have to strategically plan? What is your experience with warehouse design? workflow design? How do you mathematically solve a system-wide issue? Due to so many interviews, alot of the questions were repeated 2-3x's.


Tell me about yourself. Tell me about a time something did not go as planned. What is one of the best qualities you bring to the table? Tell me about a time you worked with a diverse team. A few others as well. Nothing too crazy.

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