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On a demandé à un Senior Fund Accountant...16 janvier 2012

whats the entry for an accrual, how do you reverse the accrual once paid

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That answer is correct

1) credit liability, debit expense 2) debit liability, credit cash

Wrong answer abt reversing accrual!!!

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What is your strength and weakness.

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I will describe myself as a highly organized person, and I have been trained and tested via my experience. I make sure things are neat and in order. Organizating work and prioritizing them helps me to adapt intense environment. I believe I can deliver excellent result to your company through my organizational skills, such as meeting a tie deadline. Moins

State Street

Tell me about your resume

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Senior accountant executive

AQR Capital Management

Tell me about yourself.

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Accomplishments and skills i can bring to the job.


Tell me about your self? What do you know about hedge fund and financial reporting?

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I gave them a very detailed answer from what I learned in college and my old job. They liked it :) Moins

Butterfield Fulcrum

What do you know about hedge funds?

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Hedge fund is a private investment fund that are open to a limited number of wealthy investors and require a large initial minimum investment. Investment in hedge fund are illiquid as investor need to keep their money in the fund for at least 1year this period known as a lock up. It can be withdrawn quarterly or biannually. Hedge fund face less SEC(Securities and exchange commission) regulations. Hedge Fund provides Higher Return and it is more Risker than other investment vehicles. Moins

Oak Hill Capital

Why are you not pursuing your CPA?

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I feel it would be more beneficial if to pursue a securities license being that I am in the Investment industry. Moins

Alter Domus

so many sell side companies, why us

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accountant need ensure each dollar with correct double entry, are u capable

Alter Domus

Pe fund structure

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how's ur past working exp help the company


Why Invesco to join ?

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need to build a link between your prior experience and qualifications with the current opening, so that it gives a sense of win win situation Moins

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