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On a demandé à Financial Reporting Senior Accountant...27 décembre 2016

Why should I choose you for this position

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I answers that I do believe in my experience and I will fit the place with adding a value. Moins


My interviews were mostly behavioral and more focused on getting to know my personality to see if I was a good fit at DI. The most difficult question I received was "What is your favorite movie."

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I can't even fake an answer. There are so many. I went with Star Wars

Black & Veatch

Are you willing to work as much overtime as it takes to get the job done?


How do I work under pressure?

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How do I confront auditor challenges?


My current responsibilities and tasks


My experience with previous employers


My experience with current employer


Specific role responsibilities experiences, financial systems/ platforms experience, talk out yourself and professional history,.. etc


Explain your experience, why vroom


Describe a difficult situation you have faced and how you responded

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