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On a demandé à Senior Product Manager...22 mai 2022

Tell me a time you had to balance business priorities and team commitment Challenges Deep dive into metrics and why it went down


Questions: Walk through on the products you have worked? What were the system architecture decisions made and how did you assess those?

Design Pickle

They wanted to know how I would architect a solution to a specific problem.


What draws you to applying for a job at Masimo?

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Masimo has a reputation of putting the customer and the patient at the forefront of their actions. Moins


What did your day-to-day look like in your most previous role? How often did you interact with customers, engineering or other stakeholders? What my interaction with marketing was related to a feature I launched at a previous role. Engineering comes back with a couple of proposals, how do you prioritize the approach?


I was asked questions about my experience with conversion optimization, including how I figured out which tests to prioritize. "Tell me about a time you had a challenging partnership. What was the situation and how did you overcome it?" "Tell me about a time you didn't have authority and had to work with other teams to get work done. How do you get buy in about your project and get your items on the roadmap?"


Data Management & Data Stack


Tell me about a project you are really proud of

Bio-Rad Laboratories

Basic behavior based and Product management related


Case Study about a new social selling feature

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Break down the statement bit by bit and ask lots of probing questions to get behind the assumptions. Good solutions will present themselves if the question is hashed out in pieces. Moins

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