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DSJ Global
On a demandé à Senior Demand Planner...22 janvier 2020

it was about the agency see my comments above

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it was about the agency see my comments above

ACCO Brands

How did i find this job.

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Through linkedin

Ferrara Candy Company

How have you gone above and beyond . Stat method.

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A project that I helped with and what I did


Give me an example of a time where you had to work with someone you didn't get along with to accomplish a goal

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Standard HR question... no wrong answer


Can we re-schedule again please??!!


Why are you looking to move?

Conagra Brands

Standard "tell me about a time when..." line of questioning.

Optimas Solutions

What do you know about Optimas

Hayat Kimya

It was mostly around the Job description

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in line with my previous experience

Johnson & Johnson

How can you successfully manage a multi-million dollar enterprise encompassing X amount of skus?

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