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Questions d'entretien de senior data scientist partagées par les candidats

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I got a question about a real use case scenario and how I would approach a scalable solution

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There's no one perfect answer I had an open ended discussion and it was a nice one.

Python programming problems mainly. These were pretty straightforward and done on Jupyter Notebook.

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ML concepts on classification and regression. SVMs, Random Forests, GBMs, NNs, etc.

Current data science trends, my thoughts on privacy and security, past projects, and skills I would like to learn/improve on!

I was a fan of the take-home technical exam! It really provides the evaluators with good insight on your thought process and skills, exposes you to the kinds of tasks you'll be doing on the job, and it makes for a great conversation during the follow-up interview.

Choose the location for a new store from two sites, each with different budgets and expected revenues. There's a chance of a bridge will be built to reach one of the sites, and revenue will be different. Then one can choose to build a store or resell the land to reduce the loss after knowing the bridge connects to which site.

There were technical questions about ML and statistics as well as open ended questions about the types of problem the business faces and how data science, ML and AI can help solve them.

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