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Help us scam people

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NOBODY GETS SCAMED with this company ,that is a straight out lie from someone who is blaming this company for their own failure, probably got fired because he tried to scam people.

How will you contribute to this team

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Level of difficulty was medium. As long as you have supporting facts for points mentioned on your resume you should be good. Unexpected question: how are you contributing as IIBA member in your city?

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Tell about a time you were faced with a difficult situation and how you handled it?

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How do you demonstrate Leadership skills?

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experience on Agile

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Standard behavioural questions which once you've done a few, are easy to study for. For the most part it was more beneficial for me to ask about the role and show an interest. The most challenging part of the interview was presentation of a 30 minute business case about an unrelated company.

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Why we should hire you?

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What is your biggest achievement? What would you differently if you look back at your last role? You job experience indicates "Led enterprise initiative", what exactly does it mean and what did you do?

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