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On a demandé à ERC Senior Associate...19 janvier 2021

Asked me in detail about my previous work experience.

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Hello brother! I was sent an email to join the interview over a chime call, just like you. After the interview was done, I got an email from the recruitment team after 7 days saying that I was selected for the role. In your case, the interview was done on 29th but there is no response yet. It might be because of the high volume of applications they are receiving. Check the spam folder in your Gmail once. Sometimes, the recruitment team might give you a call in case of your selection. If you have missed any calls in the past few days, then send an email to the recruitment team once. I recommend you to wait for a few more days. If you've received any regret email, try applying for other positions. Cheers! Moins

Thank you sir.

Hello I gave Interview for this particular role today. How soon can I get updates on the results.? Moins

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Cognizant Technology Solutions

1. Give background 2. How I will respond to a particular scenario etc

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I know about datascince python autocad GUI machine learning

Sir I want to get more knowledge and bulid carrer in data analyst by Cognizant

Worst interview I ever had, Nothing interesting nor encouraging..

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Harbor Freight Tools

How to handle a dissatisfied customer.

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Focus, listen and take notes of the actual issues. Read back to the customer to confirm you gave it right. Ask for “Is there anything else?” Keep writing until customer runs out of complaints, calms down, and feels heard and usually is now tired. Ask Customer how he/ she feels the situation should be resolved. Repeat back. Tell Cudtomer your range of authority to be able to approve what they want done. If I can do it and it’s reasonsble. I do it and do something extra asking if the extra thing would be valued. ( like 20% off next purchase) 2. If I can’t do what he/ she wants done, I explain why and come as close as possible. Get agreement and understanding. If he/ she doesn’t agree, offer to escalate to higher level - and point out time delay for hearing back and may not get a better resolution. Bottom line, when possible I try to provide a value added additional at 33% higher than expectation. Why - because bad news travels very fast. Great news goes viral these days. Yelp and other review sites can make a difference. At Harbor Freight Going the extra mile doesn’t have to be a high cost. One store had a guy come out from warehouse and assemble a replacement item because first box had missing parts. He saved me so much time and buying extra tools. That was four years ago. Do you know how many people I’ve told and repeated to and why I shop Harbor Freight? 15 minutes of effort and I bet I’ve brought the store thousands in sales. Moins

Apologize for whatever inconvenience was caused upon them and see if the manager could do anything about it Moins

Listen to the customer, stay calm and address their issues or concerns as soon as possible. Moins

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McKinsey & Company

Estimate size of vehicles fleet in a large city

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"Define" large city to mean 10 million people+, but assume 10 million to keep the math feasible Assume that those living under the poverty line cannot afford cars - this takes 30% or 3 million people out of the running Out of the remaining 7 million people, assume that 30% are under 18 and another 20% are over 65 and thus are unlikely to drive a car themselves This leaves a potential car-owning population of 3.5 Million people Assume that there are 2 types of cities - ones with great public transport (e.g., NYC, San Francisco) and others with poor public transport (e.g., Dallas) In the former, only about 20% of the potential car-owning population is likely to hassle with owning a car, but in the latter 70% of the potential owners may opt for a car. Thus the range of cars that I'd expect to see in a city of 10 million is somewhere between 700K and 2.45M. Oh and by the way, I am assuming that this is a city with enough infrastructure (e.g., roads, parking, gas stations) to support cars for this many people. Moins

Wouldn't it be simpler to go this route: ~300M ppl in the US ~3 ppl/ household ~100M Household Assuming there are ~1.5-2 cars per household in teh US (mostly rural population, rely on cars a lot, even large cities and counties rely on cars: Bay Area, Seattle, Florida. The only place I think the majority of people won't own a car is NYC which has ~8M ppl). Going from the assumption that there are ~1.5 car / HH in the us that would bring the number of 150M cars in the US from households. Assuming this represents 70% of all cars in the US we could add an additional 30% for commercial fleets, cabs etc.. bringing our final number to ~200M cars in the United States. The number of vehicles in the US in 2015 was 265M including trucks etc... so our estimate is in the right ballpark. Moins

This is a simple market-sizing question. Therefore you need to make assumptions on the numbers, for example... Assume large city = 5 million people Assume 60% own a car, the rest use public transport = 3 million people Assume 50% of these people work in an office = 1.5 million people Assume 10% of these people are middle to top mgt = 150K people Therefore size of the vehicles fleet in a large city = 3% of population of the city This is an example of how it can be done. They are not looking for the exact number! They won't to know how you you break a problem down. Moins

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Tell us about yourself ?

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Currently working in CHAT process

In genpact I was in a backend process used to work there for AON insurance

I have been worked with genpact as well

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Prophet Brand Strategy

Why do you want to come to Prophet

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Great opportunities - to travel, work and grow Overall very good people Very good learning in short period of time Moins

Great opportunities - to travel, work and grow Overall very good people Very good learning in short period of time Moins

Great opportunities - to travel, work and grow Overall very good people Very good learning in short period of time Moins

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Cognizant Technology Solutions

Questions on core java

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Questions on JMS

I do have same issue, did you guys received any calls/offer letter?

No offer

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Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

What will you do if a client wants to have you as his girlfriend?

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Politely decline him and refer him to the manager

you can simply answer that my job is not permit me to do that also you can speak to my manager to help you Moins

I would politely decline while boost his ego, for he is a client and he should be happy. Also I will assure him that the woman he ends up with will be the luckiest. Kind of like this "I would love to, Mr.Rajesh but I am not ready for a relationship. Also my job does not allow me to have personal relationships with the clients. I am so sure the woman who ends up with you will be the luckiest woman in the world. Unfortunately I am the unlucky one. " Moins

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How would you deal with agents who are more tenured than you are in the company

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Learn from their experiences and make sure not to commit those mistakes. I’d love be around people who are more experienced than a newbie as I will learn a lot from them. Moins

You need to insure that you do everything required but not dominate tenured agents....initially we should push for nothing more than acceptance and mutual respect. Moins

Diamond Management & Technology Consultants

Case Interview - basic structure of presenting a basic business problem and looking for the process of answering it, including asking relevant, pointed questions and the process of getting at the answer.

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They're looking for demonstration of some sort of framework (Porter's 5 force, 4P, etc.) Moins

Is ITIL framework helpful?

ITIL is always helpful, but make sure to demonstrate knowledge of business and IT and how to tie it all together. Moins

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