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If you are using QTP, how can you identify 2 pop up windows with exactly the same object id? So far I have no answer.

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So far I have no answer.

QTP records the creation time object property for identifying the object. Which ever pop up window comes first is assigne creationtime = 0 and the nexxt one one is assigned 1, I gues on this basis we can differentiate between the two pop ups

Using Ordinal Identifier - Index

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1. Was given a scenario and was asked as to why the webpage of server wouldn’t open how I would I troubleshoot from outside the company and from within the company? What could be network issues? It was open ended discussion (Answers: Ping the gateways/check the traceroute) 2. Describe BGP and various concepts in BGP like EBGP multi-hop feature? 3. Stateless v Stateful firewall? 4. Some really advanced questions on TCP? 5. When would you use Type E1/E2 while redistributing OSPF and why? LSA types?? 6. What is Path manipulation in BGP and how do you manipulate routes in real time 7. Remote Access VPN questions 8. What are the reasons for BGP to be stuck in Active state? How would you troubleshoot the issue? 9. What is route-map and where did you implement in real time. I did okay on the interview. I think in the hindsight If I could have done something well, it would have been fact that I should have given my response enthusiastically and be more energetic during the interview. I kind of had bad week during the week of interview, by the time of interview I was mentally exhausted, I felt like I was not able to give my best and I think that and few other minor mistakes cost me the interview. Ultimately, they never responded again over the email. I checked online status on the same weekend, which showed a message that I was not among the finalists for that particular role.

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Why we should hire you?

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What is your most significant achievement

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Components of a testing plan?

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How would you determine the optimal location of the warehouses?

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Was asked everything in my resume. Each and every line was asked an explanation. I had blowed up a bit and had difficulty explaining. Was given a set of SQL queries to answer in a sheet of paper.

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If you were stuck on an island what three things would you have with you?

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Behavioral Questions to check if I would be a good fit to their culture

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