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American Guard Services
On a demandé à un Site Security Supervisor...31 décembre 2020

How long have you been doing security?

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One year

One year

One year

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As a security officer, please explain the daily duties you performed for your previous employer.

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Attention to detail !

One phrase ingrained in every. Operations op Attention to detail keeps our operating crews sharp and alive! 2nd to none . Moins

I provided

Acuity International

There was no interview questions given. However we were just asked by PM Janus company if we can join them in their new contract, therefore we were so fortunate to join them back.

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Yes I am looking forward to take the opportunity.

Are you willing to join Janus Company?

Allied Universal

Are you a legal citizen of the United States?

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They aren’t allowed to ask you if u legal citizen in a interview. Its against the law for them to ask that. Moins

Who cares - if you're not legal just steal someone's ID (SSN) and have at it - they won't care. Moins

Allied Universal

Why am I best suited for this job.

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My background

I'm a veteran US Army. I'm a Detention Officer from US Marshal for 20 yrs. I have an experience being a supervisor for 10 yrs. Moins

Hawk Intelligence

My beliefs about politics and the war of religions. If my religion would stop me from performing the job.

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Though I would like to leave religion out of the work that I am doing. They made it clear that over seas jobs can involved highly motivated religious attacks from Terrorists. That Religion and the understanding of culture will make the difference between peace and war. Moins

My personal values and ethics are my guiding force. My knowledge of religion and its indisputable affect on world politics will aid me in gauging every situation. Moins

PWM Loss Prevention Services


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Gave my resume

J.P. Morgan

What do you see yourself in five years?

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I'm already a director for security operations


How comfortable are you with taking control of a team of security?

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yes very comfortable


Pretty typical interview.

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What kind of drug test was it?

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