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On a demandé à un Security Manager...16 juin 2022

1. Describe your current work 2. Why would you like to quit your current job?

ProSiebenSat.1 Media

Dabei wurden sehr individuelle und wohlüberlegte Fragen zu meiner Person, meinem Lebenslauf sowie meine Motivation für die Bewerbung bei ProSiebenSat.1 Tech Solutions gestellt. Insgesamt waren alle Gespräche sehr wertschätzend und das gemeinsame Ziel war es, meine Stärken und Schwächen mit der zukünftigen Position abzugleichen.

Can you tell me about something yourself.


All relevant question were asked related to job profile


Why do you want to work here?


How do you feel about working 14 hours a day for 6 days a week?


Interview: about my background, generic how did you do X questions. Assessment: Four questions to produce work related to security analyst/ Ops activities.

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Took 5 hours. Normally I reject hone assignments and will return to that default. Moins


- Do you know anything about Chime? - Why you've applied for this role?


Typical behavioral interviewing questions. e.g. tell me about a time you X, Y, Z.


Why do you think you fit in the position?

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