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On a demandé à un Security Manager...24 juin 2021

Tell me about yourself and how can you bring your experience to the table.

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I worked as Police Officer in Detroit for 14 years, then as a uniform patrol Sergeant for 13 years. I submitted typed reports on work injuries, injured prisoners, and Citizen Complaints as part of my job. Moins

My experience as a Sergeant was like an advanced course in security supervision. I also finished my BA after I retired. Moins

I really enjoyed catching burglars. They were always So surprised. The key was to check the roof, even if I had to ask the dispatcher to send me a fire truck so I could Get up there. They were hoping I was lazy. NOT! Moins

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Schneider Electric

Related to role and challenged I forsee and how would I tackle such issues

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Seems the person they finally hired left within 3 months. Speaks how the team is--I feel lucky that the role wasnt offered to me. Good luck to the new person accepting this role. Moins

Role just opened again, anybody applying please do their due diligence unless you are desperate. In my opinion the leadership is questionable here. Moins

Role is open again. good the last person survived 7 months

US Army Corps of Engineers

Are you willing to lower your fees?

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AIDS Healthcare Foundation

Will you be willing to work overtime?

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I answered yes

I want to help people. I’m willing to relocate if I have to. I want to help make a difference in the lives of others. I lost two very close people to this horrible disease and I don’t care what the hours are or what I have to do. Passing out blankets when it’s cold, giving food to the hungry,I’m sure you understand what I’m saying bye now Moins


Could I deploy to Afghanistan in 5 days?

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Experience and how I would add value to the company

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I have a good experience and skills which can uplift at great height and promote as well protect the company. Moins

the interview was good and challenging

The Pokémon Company International

Will you sign our NDA

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Yes :)



Tell me/us about yourself. How do you like Security? What is your favorite cartoon? Why should we hire you?

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"What is your favorite cartoon?" This must be the same person who asks about tacos..... I'm guessing it is someone young and inexperienced in interviewing skills. Moins


NYU Langone Health

If you had an unlimited budget what controls would you implement?

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Camera’s though out the building not only for security of the building but for the safety of my employees. Education for active shooter and practice these policies. Sexual harassment as well as work place violence. A security monitoring room preferably off premises. Quality Radio’s as there is a lot of dead spots for communication in a building of that size as well as material building construction equipment. Face to face relief. Check point location so you can verify that your security officer have checked all required locations Background checks on all new employees. Periodic drug testing. Can be done by the last 4 of there social security #. There is no place for security officers who are not alert and observant. Moins

I would also make sure the outside of the building is well lit and roving patrol making sure when employees safely leave the building and get to there cars safety Moins

The first thing you will be doing when getting on board

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I will check all the security systems to ensure they are running parallel with the operating procedures (SOP) Moins


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