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The Beautiful Group
On a demandé à Salon Leader...6 août 2018

How can you grow the business to bring in clientele.

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Using social media outlets to promote yourself and the salon to communicate with current clients and potential ones as well. Moins

physically, aproach!! perspectives,hand them a sample product,WHILE ,I introduce myself,& TEAM Moins

greet people,as they walk by,engage them to using an ice breaker, I would allow them to talk ,then...listen 1st time customers, I would give them 10 or 20% off their visit and assure them that I could do a great job or refer them to someone else in the salon, that would be more qualified for,say shampoo set, to do the better job. I will compensate the discount by update selling them, during their appt.color,hilights or deep conditioner.I find most people are reluctant ,to try, anything ,new, unless they've been referred by a friend,because they've had too many bad experiences. cost is not as important how good it looks, when you're done ,how comfortable you make them feel, and that you actually listen to the client. Moins

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Regis Corporation

what would you do if you became part of regis family?

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make it a fun and secure place to up the brand positively

i would design a salon to be in the open space of a mall, like the commons area at Ridgedale, not parked next to Sears, make it an event where everyone is enjoying the action. Moins

I'd be an asset. I love the beauty industry and meeting new people, and learning more about cutting, color technics. Moins

J. C. Penney

Can you work holidays?

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Yes. You have to work weekends and holidays or you are not getting the job. It's retail, baby. Moins


Great Clips

What my long term goals were?

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That I wanted to be a salon manager

To move up the ladder

Boardroom Salon for Men

Did your previous job track metrics

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I previously had an interview, but I haven't heard from anyone.


Basic stuff. Had me go through my resume. The two tricky questions were: "Tell me about a time you had to deal with a difficult situation and how you handled it" " You are given 6 bottles of a new to the market hairspray to sample a few accounts. Which accounts do you sample, Why? And how would you present this new hairspray?

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im currently waiting for instructions on the drug screening, I'm just curious as to what type of test they might have given you. ive never done a drug screen before, if you could respond with a little insight on how it goes that'd be great. please & thankyou Moins

It's just a basic pee in a cup at a hospital lab. They screen for Illegal drugs. I guess you know you passed when they hire you. 😋 Good luck with this company! Whatever you do, do NOT go to HR with any problems. Their open door policy is a joke. When HR asks how you are doing, lie and say " great"! I wish someone had told me this. I trusted HR and it backfired badly. Moins

They will ask about experience and credentials

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Hi I have 7 years experience in this field .

Ultimate Exposure

What would I do if the salon was busy and I couldn't get all my work done before the end of my shift...

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That I would stay back or come in early to finish my work.

The most difficult question was what would I do if I had a chemical on someone's head an we had a fire an had to evacuate.

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I would find the nearest business like, Walmart an go an rinse the chemical out so that there is damage to my client. Moins

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