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On a demandé à un Sales Support Intern...18 mars 2021

What do you know about fastenal

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Fastenal is a wholesale distributor of fasteners and manufacturing supplies and supply chain solution for companies world wide. Moins

BSH Hausgeräte

When you have a better job chance when you finish your intern, what will do?

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I will see if my career path fits the new job. If I have difficulty making th decision, I will consult my manager and colleagues. Moins


Can you name you are proud of in the recent past?


What achievement during your university yeard are you the proudest of?

Mondelēz International

Why Mondelez?


Describe yourself, how do you handle rejection


Studi effettuati, precedenti esperienze lavorative, ambizioni e motivazioni.


Inquired about my college course work and asked my least favorite class. Something I had not given much thought too.

EFG Bank

How do you think your university degree will help you for this job?

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