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What is your expected pay? How long have you worked in sales?

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My unexpected pay 25000

I woked in 5 years

I have 8years experience at area sales manager at araria distic. My payment 20000+4r.s per k.m t.a and 200d.a

What does the law of averages mean to you?

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How do you deal with an angry customer that was your rep's fault?

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My previous experience and how I plan to improve this company

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Describe to me what your typical Monday looks like?

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What type of car are you and why? Seriously...........

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If an agent does a outbound call to a client that is with a competitor and is happy with his services, Rogers cannot offer him a better price, and Roger have not benefit to offer to them how would you try to sell him a product?

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At the question ''Why Softchoice'', they do not think ''I like computers'' to be a correct answer.

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behavior from a list of 155 behavioral type questions... as depicted on youtube

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If your media reach is 70% how much market pie share should you get from the advertising market pie?

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