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Questions d'entretiens - Sales development


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Are you a leader?

3 réponses

Uhh yes.

I don't know but I lead one department.

Yes I am a leader of taking Challenges and working under pressure!

What do you know about Jobber?

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You have been at various employers for the past few years and never seem to stay long, why are you interested in Emco?

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What are the most used apps on my phone

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Tell me about yourself and what you do for fun?

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What do you want your life to look like in five years?

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How do you deal with a difficult customer?

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How would you describe salesforce to your Grandmother? If you could have dinner with anybody on earth past or present...who? What do you think might be an obstacle to you having success at this company or in the position you're applying for? How would you characterize the role of a Sales Development Rep?

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What would make me successful later in the hiring process of the program?

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