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On a demandé à un AT&T Retail Sales Consultant...10 novembre 2015

a time you dealt with a difficult customer

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I just remember I had a disorderly conduct Misdemeanor charge I forgot about it being that it was like 6-7 years ago will that affect me far as getting the job ? Moins

They go back 7 yrs. it will if you don't disclose the information. Tell them, if they find out and you didn't mention it, it's over. Moins

Who should I tell AT&T our high right

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Treat the interview as a sales call and you are pretty much selling your self to your future boss why you should be hired.

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People with good communication actitud and superation

"Confidence and professional approach to all aspects of dealing with associates and customers is key for a successful business relationship." Moins

its great to work here as ling as your department isn't being phased does not care Moins

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They asked many questions about my past selling experiences and wanted to know about my sales cycle.

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I described my day 2 day how I developed relationships with my former prospects and I structured my days around seeing them and reviewing our services. Moins

You develop a relationship the second you speak to someone, that is the moment the relationship has started. Always treat clients feel extra special. Moins

I kept it simple, b/c it depends on the business but the second you speak with someone the relationship has started and that’s why your approach and first words are critical Moins

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When were you given a NO, and not able to turn that into a YES?

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Not every person will agree to purchasing a home security system, or see the worth in cell phone activated lighting, and there’s nothing wrong with that. A good salesman not only recognizes opportunities for a sale, but understands when continuing to try to sell to a customer might not only fail, but cause that customer to leave with a bad impression, potentially hurting future sales. Moins

You were not able to turn that no into a yes because you didn't want to deal with the situation. Did you really give it enough time to cool down and turn things up for the better? Or did you give up because you were starting to get a little bit irritated yourself? That's the better question in my opinion Moins

we have to convert customer what we have .

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National Corporate Credit

What’s your greatest achievement?

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Providing excellent service for more than 5 years in a single company while you are developing yourself by walking an extra mile on your own to get what you looking for that benefit the whole company. Moins

Wayne Homes

They want a lot of examples in your answers. I felt that they were using a script. They asked a lot of personal questions. Does your husband support your desire to join our team? Do you have daycare for your children? How will you get to work?

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Although I felt that these questions were inappropriate, and possibly illegal, I assured the team interviewing me that I was ready to make a commitment to the right full time job. Moins

They ARE illegal questions and should report them.

They are illegal questions not to mention sexist. I never wear my wedding ring on interviews so that they are interviewing me not my hubby. Moins

The Home Depot

How many years of sales experience do you have?

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How comfortable are you with 100% commission.

25 yrs

30 yrs


Their focus is on getting customers to sign up for DirecTV service. One of the questions was to describe three benefits of the DirecTV Now app.

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Of course direct TV counts with bogo offers , I am a good seller

I know how to promote sells , I got nervous cause of face time , but I have talent for everything Moins

It's available for all major operating systems, allows you to see TV when you are away from home, and it does not count against your data plan, when streaming on a mobile phone. Moins

Kittle's Furniture

How have you achieved your previous sales achievments Do you consider yourself an aggressive sales associate Biggest let down and how you overcame it....

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I had a litany of answers for each. Its more about your personality and how you fit in to the store culture than anything else. Moins

Yes i do my best

Yes i Do my best


Why Apple ? Tell me about yourself

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Because I am a brand.

Because I am a brand.

My identy is me.

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