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If you know you were doing something right, but your manager told you to do it another way, what would you do?

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If i'm doing something right and my manager wants me to do it differently, as long it's not offensive or bad, then i will try to do it. It's important to listen to your manager no matter how good or bad it is, don't make up an excuse or say no because you might get in trouble if you do.

If it's not illegal or immoral I would always do it my managers way. S/He has the bigger picture view; my view is limited.

Do what the manager wants as long as managent thinks they are so perfect at everything. If you do it his way exact and it messes up, it's the manager's problem then.

Tell me something about yourself ?

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Do you have sales experience before?

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How have you dealt with an unhappy customer in the past?

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How do you keep up with fashion trends?

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I was asked about former Sales experience

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Do you want to sell? Do you like money? are you breathing?

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How would you describe customer service?

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You have three clients asking you for different things and hear the phone ringing, what do you do?

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Why do you want to work at Sportchek when there are other retailers such as Lululemon who sell athletic wear as well?

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