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On a demandé à Sales Assistant Christmas Temp...2 juillet 2015

What magic power would you like to have

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The power to make cliched interview questions disappear.


Manipulate probability

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Al-Futtaim Group

Why did you decide to chose our company?

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I'm living in dubai since 8 years and all my roomates are working in al Futtaim,and all of them are happy. Moins

Because I want to be part of your successful company in order to grow together

I heard ur company is the one of the biggest company in the middle east...

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What are your management skills?

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I have communication skills, time management, problem solving, planning, team building, and keeping calm in difficult situations. Moins

If needed I am willing to relocate if given time to find housing.

If needed I am willing to relocate if given enough time to find housing.

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Dubai Duty Free

The most difficult question for me was to either I can sell liquor or no? because before this I have never touch a single bottle of liquor or any tobacco products.

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how to apply from india

I have never sold Alcohol or tobacco before but i will be more than happy to sell any product for which i am assigned. Moins

I can sell it because is part of my job

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Marks & Spencer

What would you do if someone was moaning about a long queue?

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Jump on tills, apologise, etc

I need someone to give instructions and proper explain.

I have disability and I like to tidy and organise thing.

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HD Sheldon & Company

are you married or single

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I agree! He is breaking all Labor Rules especially towards a woman. Some one should definitely report this to Dept. of Labor. His customers should also be informed. Moins

I believe everything the interviewee said. The President of the company is very sexists and a man who belittles women by flirting and making them feel like low life. Based on his background, he destroyed his marriage life because of his wandering eye. Numerous have left because of his unprofessional way of treating the females in the office. Moins

I think that is no true that all ....Robert and his Son are very respect with all the women who wo Moins

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Card Factory

Who is most important within a Card Factory store?

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The customer!

The customer!

The Manager

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John Lewis & Partners

what are your views on Islamic state?

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That is racial discrimination!


They sh

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Why do you want to work for Primark?

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Primark never fails to give customers a welcoming and positive feeling, I would like to be apart of the reason why it does! Moins

I find it is a very succeasful business and i would like to be a apart of that.

I find it is a very successful bussiness and i would like to be a apart of that

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Blue Moose

Why do you think we should offer you a job?

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Why did you stay.???

Because I was in a completely different city, they had my train ticket and I felt uncomfortable saying it (because I'm a wimp) Moins

Thank you so much for this review, i have an interview tomorrow but after reading this i am not going to attend, not being able to use your phone to ring your parents is awful and wrong. I am a female too and going into areas i am not familiar with doesn't sound good. Moins

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