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tell me about your self

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I basically told them about my background

Arshad Mehmood

I am from pakistan ,have valid passport also have heavy driving licence with 10 year experience

What kind of work environment I prefer to be in? The best experience I've had with a supervisor and the worst. What made each experience good/bad (exclude names and employers)?

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all situational stuff like how did you manage a situation where you made bad judgement orginally

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Why did you choose to work for this company?

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Have you ever paid for sex?

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basically asking if i am comfortable with sales target, high volume of customers since the location is busy most of the time, and how do i feel working with upset clients (if any)

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Explain a situation where you have to use your creativity?

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What are your short term/long term career goals?

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How would you handle an aggressive client?

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what muscles are primarily used in a pull up? Can you name a secondary?

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