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On a demandé à un Retail Operations Manager...20 septembre 2019

ask about by people handling skills

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described the experience in handling staff , managers in a difficult enviornment

1) set goals for performance and deadlines in ways that complay with company plan and vision. 2) organize work flow and insure that employes understand their duties. 3) receive complaints and resolve problems. 4) prepare and submit performance reports. 5) monitoring the company cash flow and settling outstanding bills. Moins

Levi Strauss

Tell us about working with a difficult person and we're you able to make it work out successfully completing the project?

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Regardless of differences, we were able to recognize each other's strengths and use them to complete the project. Moins

Be patient with each step and process until we are successfully complete the project. Moins

University of Colorado Boulder

There are 8 major allergens commonly identified in the United States, and CU has chosen to recognize an additional one. What are they?

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CU Boulder sponsored a research project called A9 Allergen Project. It found that Gluten should be the 9th allergen added to the 8 recognized by the FDA (peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, soy, dairy and wheat). Moins

CU Boulder sponsored a research project called the A9 Allergen Project. It found that Gluten should be the 9th allergen added to the 8 recognized by the FDA (peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, eggs, soy, dairy and wheat). Moins


Why do I want I to work in a luxury company?

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because i grown up in jewelry family and worked around 20 years in this situation so i just like luxurios and also this brand was one of my first and intresting brands that i knew Moins

Future Retail Limited

How you are motivating to the team?

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Through the incentive! Appreciation! Rewards & recognization ! Traning


What are your career goals and how could Goodwill benefit you in achieving those goals?

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My career goal is to help benefit the community in which I was raised and am raising my children in while continuing to expand my experience in retail management Moins


All questions were very, very standard. Nothing required additional thought. Questions will vary by DM. Be ready to talk in detail about your history and performance (especially in retail)

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Make sure that answers are focused on driving sales performance and customer service!!! These are the biggest hot points at the moment. These days DM likely will not focus on operational type questions during the interview process Moins

The SSA Group

How I handled stress. he was very friendly and relaxed about the whole process so that made me feel relaxed. I was talking to a person that really wnated to get to know me as a person and a manager. not just an employee.

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i told him that I have a very balanced life and handle stress like anything else. it may get to me but I remember that this too will pass and I need to focus on the bigger picture. Moins

DOOB Group

What kind of company is Doob?!

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It's a toss up, just don't answer that it's a tech company. The product is a piece of art and it's more than just 3D printing, more than that. Moins

Purdue University

Tell us about a situation where you were opposed on an idea or process by your direct superviosor how did you handle the situation and what would you have done differently.

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I explained a situation where i presented a new process of incoming students and how we could streamline the process but my supervisor was stuck in the old way of doing things. I pushed to much casuing more resistance where i think i should have been trying to "sell" the idea. Moins

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