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MG Properties
On a demandé à un Maintenance Technician...14 décembre 2017

the basic stuff experience etc

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just regular answers



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Is 3,599 a prime number? Yes or No. Explain.

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3599 = 3600-1 = 60^2 - 1^2 This is known as "difference of two squares" Which factors into (60-1)*(60+1) Therefore factors are 59 and 61 A longer, more general method is to say that you only need to check primes less than the square root of 3599, which again because its 60^2 - 1 you can just try primes less than 60. Moins


3600 = 60^2 Sqrt(3600 - 1) = 60 -/+ 1 >>> 59 x 61

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why Halliburton?

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Immediately, i got a call from them next day... If u didn't get get a call from them within 2 days.. then u r disqualified from the selection process Moins

Hello, anybody have an idea about this opening "Associate Technical Professional Field Drill Bits and Services" ? I'm confused which openning I should apply for! Moins

im fresh graduated civil engineering , i'd like to work for halliburton , which courses should i take or what should i do ?! i need advise and thanks for interesting Moins

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Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Can u describe the type of work you do?

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I do pressure washing/basic plumbing/basic electrical /painting basic carpentry/ drywall repair etc Moins

Yes I do all maintenance repairs

I do any handy men work like drywall, tile, remodeling and electrical plus plumbing Moins

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Scottish Water

You arrive at the scene of a water mains burst, what do you first of all?

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Find out we're to isolate the water supply valve.

Find out we're to isolate water supply.then put on PPE AND ISOLATE SUPPLY.

Make sure that apart from the water there are no other hazards, I would already have been wearing PPE except for hard hat if needed. I would phone the traffic management to make sure it is left safe. If I was able to I’d isolate the source. Moins

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He also asked when I was able to start if approved.

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After one month

Im zaheer from Pakistan Apply for jobs I work in dubai dealership I have 13 years of experience I can totally do its trouble shooting as well as repairing Moins

I said immediately to a couple of days, all depending on what I would need equipment wise to begin. Moins

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Neighborhood Storage Center

Do you have a valid DL?

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Yes.. With safe driver rating


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1-where is my home? 2-what is my education? 3-what is my experience , soft skills and languages?

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3year8month my experince

Hindi English languages


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FlightSafety International

The Practice teach is the hardest to prepare for. You must be comfortable with a presentation that you will have to create for yourself. You will be giving that presentation to a group of maintenance instructors. It is most important to be well practiced in what words you will say, and to be completely familiar with your presentation.

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1. When you go down there - Are you the only candidate being interviewed that day, or do they bring in a bunch of candidates? 2. Is the presentation subject even relevant to the profession/job you are applying for or is it totally remote? Moins

1. Generally you will be the only candidate to interview that day, most of the interviews will occur over one to two weeks. 2. The presentation will be on a topic that almost everyone is familiar with, usually the same for all interviewees. It will be specific to the aircraft but may not be the topic which you will be hired to teach. It is most important to be calm, not nervous, and well practiced / familiar with your presentation. Don't try to B.S. the class, they will not be impressed. Instead promise to get back with an answer after class. Etc.... Moins

If you are not local, and you do well on the phone interview, FlightSafety will provide air transport to get down for the local practice teach interview. FSI policy requires that we get airline tickets weeks in advance, so don't delay in scheduling the interview, you will have more time to practice giving your presentation to the walls before you get here. Moins

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American Airlines

What would you do if an experienced employee said you're making me look bad stop working so fast

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Rooftop Slushie requires a membership FEE. Why are you promoting it on every single interview question? Moins

I would suggest that the employee ordered a new uniform.

Interviewed 6 FAANG employees and got this:

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