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Northwestern University
On a demandé à un Research Study Coordinator...14 novembre 2022

Why NU? Experience with clinical research? What's your career goal?

UT Southwestern Medical Center

What do you expect to gain

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Experience pertaining to the medical fields

Northwestern University

typical questions, eg. why are you interested in this position

NorthShore University HealthSystem

Describe research experience? How do you manage multiple tasks at once?

University of Washington

How did you handle a conflict in a workplace?


Lots of data interpretation questions. How would you interpret this figure? What questions do you have about this data that could help you interpret the figure?

SF Research Institute

Just a phone screening that wasted everyone's time.


There were a lot of statistical and technical questions about interpretation of data. I actually learned quite a bit during the interview process.

Northwestern University

What experience I had for the position.

Northwestern University

What experience do you have that meets this position ?

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