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What do you expect from a manager?

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To be respected, to be trusted with tasks and given the chance to prove myself to be trustable.

How to overcome a difficult client.

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How do you usually fit within a team-based environment.

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Why do you think your background makes you suitable to be a researcher at cihi?

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"Expand on your experience with metrics, "how do you deal with competition in the workplace?", "Why do you feel CoStar is a good match for you?", "How will your experience help you excel in this performance-based environment?"

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What experience do you have in market research?

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How would you rate the relative importance of your relationship with the following 3 different types of clients? Rate them from most important to least important and tell me why: 1) the companies that you cover, 2) institutional investors, 3) the internal sales and trading desk.

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If you were a lumber producer, would you prefer interest rates to rise or decline ?

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