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International Islamic University
On a demandé à un Research Assistant Professor...14 mai 2021

What programming languages do you know in your real experiment while complete PhD research.

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C++, Python, R-Studio , some other programming language. But for applicable purpose I have used Python. Moins

Kenyatta National Hospital

Where did you go to school?

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What did you major in?

Vanderbilt University Medical Center

What form will success in this position take?

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Funding and publications. Everything else is secondary.

City of Hope

One of the first things they asked me, in a serious tone, was "why do you want this job? You could make a lot more money elsewhere." Also, "it's extremely expensive to live in the LA area" in a tone questioning why I would want to be there.

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I was at first stunned, but then responded with "if I was interested in making more money I would have gotten a job with my bachelors in engineering" to attempt to lighten the mood. Moins

University of Notre Dame

How long do you want to work as a RAP?

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as long as the project continues.

Georgia State University

Why do you move?

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My current project was finished.

UTHealth Houston

They asked about my level of interest int he project.

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It was an interesting new area, so it is easy to be enthusiastic.

University of Chicago

What did you do previously? Do you know ... (Protein of their interest)? What you can do about it? Carrier goal?

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Answered slowly but clearly.

Why I wanna do join the group and what could I am intended to achieve in the future?

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I am entirely interested and impressed from the research publications in the group that will take me to the best heights in research life. The proven research activities would help me for further professional life to become a regular Professor. Moins

UTHealth Houston

They want to know if I was willing to collaborate, writing grants.

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I agree.

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