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WaterWise Consulting
On a demandé à Research Assistant Intern...20 juillet 2010

Why are you interested in working for water conservation.

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I have a long history of water conservation as necessitated by where I grew up.


Question sur les connaissances en communication numérique.

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À partir de mes cours à l'école.

How do you pick a site for a particular study as a CRA?

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Talk to CRAs you know; talk to the investigators you know; check the FDA website for black list of investigators; journal search; level of interest of the investigator; how quickly he get the paper work ready.......are a few answers I mentioned. Moins

The George Institute for Global Health

Why would I choose to participate in this specific team, knowing the whole project consists of multiple components? What is my objective for this internship experience?

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The interview was fairly simple, because I was overqualified for such intern position although no direct experience in the specific project. I wanted hands-on experience, while the team appreciated the expertise I bring. Moins

Booz Allen Hamilton

Abilities in Statistical analysis such as abilities in Excel.

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I am a Statistics TA and so I have a fairly thorough understanding of Excel.

Metropolitan Planning Council

Reasons for interest in policy issues. (difficult because they all have such depth of experience, that answering this question is really difficult to not sound naive)

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I described my interest in economics and how different parts of the economy work together. I stayed away from idealistic sounding answers, while still maintaining that I am genuinely interested on a personal level with policy issues. Moins

Q: In [insert hometown], how did you feel about the [insert policy question]?

Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre

What is your previous experience and how can that be used within the lab at the RIMLS?

Middle East Institute

What would you specifically like to work on with your scholar?

The World Bank

Tell us about a time you delivered above and beyond.

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