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Brigham and Women's Hospital
On a demandé à un Technical Research Assistant II...24 février 2014

Some of the tasks you'll be required to perform are routine and monotonous. How will you deal with such routine tasks?

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Mastering routine work allows me to complete tasks effectively in a high throughput manner. Hopefully, this will afford me with free time to learn and master more challenging techniques and better assist the team. Moins

Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

"Give us a convincing recruitment spiel in fifteen seconds or less. Go."

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I panicked and said nonsense.

Denver Health and Hospital Authority

Do you prefer to work alone or in groups?

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My experience with tissue cultures?

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MD Anderson Cancer Center

What did you do in the previous job?

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Explained everything I was responsible for the at my previous job.

University of Pittsburgh

What do you know about oral bacterial flora( research was about connection of oral health and development of heart disease)

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There many different types of bacteria are living in the human mouth : on cheeks, tongues, gums and teeth . Some bacteria are aerobic and live on open space( superficially) in the mouth and some of theme are anaerobic and lives under gums or on glands . Over all we have about seven different sited of bacteria in the mouth Moins


What was my educational background?

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Biology & Chemistry.


Tell me about a time when a suggestion you made led to a heated discussion. How did you handle it?

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I try to look at everyone’s point of view and realize that we are all just here to get a job done. Best not to take it personal. Moins


contact info for each employer, even going back ten years

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It would be helpful to be told ahead of time to have that ready

Oregon Health & Science University

Have you worked in a medical office setting before?

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I said not in a medical office specifically, but that I had a lot of previous experience working within a research lab. Moins

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