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On a demandé à Inside Sales Representative B2B...20 juillet 2017

What's the difference between B2B and B2C?

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Business 2 Business Business 2 Customer

Something between a week or two, I don't remember exactly. I think it may vary case by case Moins

How long did they take to call you for the skype interview?


Why sales?

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Wanting to test myself (since I had not been doing anything of the kind before)

Sales and marketing being my career,I need to use my skills practically,I will make sure am selling the company products and services well in order to win the competitive market. Moins

Aura Funding

How many years did I have sales experience?

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I told the hiring manager I only had one year of phone sales but I have worked in customer service my entire life. Moins


How would you close a sale?

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What is the difference between Tripadvisor and Trivago?


What would immediately change in your life if you get hired tomorrow?

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Sell me something that is on your desk(pen,pencil,etc)

Focus Services

Overtime is mandatory, is that a problem?

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I am always willing to grab any opportunity for additional hours but might not be able to accommodate that daily as I have my own personal life. Moins


How do you sell a product when you do not have the lowest price?

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Role play as an AT&T rep, the other person is an unhappy customer whom you must sell a product to. Moins

National Federation of Independent Business

How much money I wanted to make

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I was honest.


Why do you have a passion for sales?

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The question kind of through me off and I was not prepared for it like I should of been. I told him that I enjoyed the challenging aspects of it, Moins

Altitude Business Group

They mainly want to see if you want to work there, that you're passionate about the product and are ready to work very hard.

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The phone interviews were easy. I just said reasons I thought the company was cool. I thought I had the job but then I went to the job shadow he said everything was good. Yet afterwords they said they chose to go in another direction. Moins

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