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The Home Depot
On a demandé à Repair Technician...17 décembre 2019


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No experience

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Do you know how to write your name?

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I don't care who you are, That's so funny and accurate!

If Motorola, Pace, and cisco and most of all Comcast even knew 1 tenth of how CTDI is screwing and lying to all of them, CTDI would be out of business in a day. Someone with more balls than me should report them. Moins

Thanks :). Happy Holidays.


What are all the main components of a computer.

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Motherboad, CPU, RAM, Power Supply, Storage Drive/Device (SSD, Spinning Platter, M.2 drive, etc.) Depending on the CPU (Full CPU w/ no graphics cores/ onboard video vs APU) Graphics Card Moins

CPU, RAM, Memory

RAM, ROM, CPU, power supply, Hard disk, circuit board, Coms Battery, fun, CD room, Monitor, power cable, data cable, mouth, key board .... Moins


Describe a time you failed at something, and how did you proceed?

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I failed at a little bit of the math when I was a cashier. But I learn my mistake and did some math and practice more with my math problems. I started to do good after that. Moins

I gave an answer that was complete BS about how I tried to complete a difficult task, ans was unable to do it. I then proceeded to tell the interviewer I went back to learn more about what I was attempting, and was then able to complete the task. Moins


What were the major parts of a computer?

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Motherboard, CPU (Central Processing Unit), GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) also known as a video card, RAM (Random Access Memory), and storage - hard disk drive or solid state drive. Moins


All of the questions were scripted prior to the interview. They ask mostly technical questions which in retrospect, had no bearing on the job that I applied for because Technicians are not allowed to make corrections or even suggest them.

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I answered them well because I knew what was required to do the job. I was not allowed to do my job due to internal constraints. Moins

What was the pay?


Have you ever worked with cell phones, fixing wise

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Yes i did.



Name five components of a computer

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Mother board Graphics card I/O interface Heat sink

Motherboard, CPU (Central Processing Unit), GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) also known as a video card, RAM (Random Access Memory), and storage - hard disk drive or solid state drive. Moins

Genius Phone Repair

Why do you want to work for Genius Phone Repair?

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I'm not putting my answer, but this is probably the most important question to answer properly. Moins

You want to work here to learn. You'll learn business, sales, and even how to fix some stuff. Not a career for most people but this company will really teach you your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, you may want to work here part time, from a part time ~20 hours a week this job is great, don't expect alot of money and don't expect more hours,but do expect to have fun at work. Moins

DynCorp International

Do you have experience on this aircraft or similar accompanied with certificates of a DDform 214 to prove it?

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I have experience in helicopters Mi-2pilot, Mi-8t captain Mi-8mtv captain, Mi-14 captain Mi-24, Mi35 test-pilot instructor Moins

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