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On a demandé à un Relationship Manager...4 octobre 2022

What’s are you bringing to the table


Describe your current role and how it relates to the role you are interested in?

Silicon Valley Bank

Conversational Interview not many behavior questions.

Wells Fargo

Something along the lines of - "Describe a time that you had to work in a partnership, collaborative style to achieve a goal that initially seems difficult." They were all kind of like that


Talk something abt ur self


What are your long term goals?

HDB Financial Services

Self introduced, Sales Questions, Sales pitch

Die Kandidaten sollten sich darauf einstellen, dass es kein standardisiertes, sondern ein sehr individuelles Vorstellungsgespräch ist, in dem es darum geht, authentisch und ehrlich in den gegenseitigen Austausch zu kommen. Hierzu gehören auch Fragen, ob man Geschwister hat und inwieweit man teamfähig ist.

Cathay General Bancorp

What I know about the position


My professional path Relationship activities managed in the past Knowledge about some products

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