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On a demandé à un Relationship Manager...2 février 2012

Are you comfortable with going to client's place?

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Yes, Meetings with clients will help you to improvise relationship with clients. Face all clients, be in touch with them. Moins

yes.i would like to spend my time with my clients coz he will give the tips to improve my skills.... Moins

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Describe your greatest accomplishments

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I believe I have had a number of successes to date. It is difficult to say which I think has been my greatest accomplishment as they were all important. I am going to focus on my recent achievements as being the most pertinent. As I joined the company I started as a customer service. After a year I was designated as a chief cashier and the next year I was designated as a Store Supervisor. Working with my inter racial team mates and superiors was always been an interesting and challenging to me. I was able to coached, mentored and worked collaboratively with the team members to achieve the desired results such as our professional goal, setting the monthly targets with excellent attainment, building excellent rapport to the customer with passion and retained their loyalty to our company. Honestly, interacting with different races, ages and types of customers are tough especially in handling complains.I am at my best while working under pressure and faced with challenges and I always believe, updating myself consistently, exceeds expectations, creates and plans initiatives and correct system if necessary leads to outstanding customer service. As my philosophy goes.. if you truly believe in you, you're one-up already. Moins

I don`t have any commplishment , i am just a good translation student .

Well, for me my greatest accomplishments are 1st i have my parents who raised me as a good human being, i'd finished my studies and i'm a good daughter for them becoz i do care for their time and effort. 2nd i have my own family now and i can say that this is one of my best accomplishments in my life.I have my loving husband and my one and only daughter who's so sweet and loving person. She's ten y/o and talented students here in our country. Moins

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Tell me about Yourself Summer Internship Project Work Experience and ur learnings from it. Family Background why HDFC ? If given Sales, how will you do it ? Any Location Preference.

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Any location choose youray mind I job donig

father name GYAn Singh vpo jat Behror teh mundawar home DISST ALWAR Rajasthan

Sir 10th 2009 12th 2011 /Graduate 2014 Post graduate to 2015 but clear no try try again to aigan After them I first job joing 2016 private sector Vijay TVs (Automobile) shajhanpur alwar Rajasthan Moins

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Bandhan Bank

Tell me about yourself

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I'm from kolkata. I am graduated. I have done a degree course of aviation, Hospitality, and travel management from frankfinn Institute. Moins

I am Mehabob Rahaman, I am from Coochbehar District in Westbengal. I completed Graduation in B.Sc Bio Science stream. Moins

Good afternoon /morning sir, I'm Subhankar Mondal, I'm from Usthi, South 24parganas, I have completed my graduation degree in 2017,presently I'm doing a private tutorial job in my home, my Hoby is be a professional service man. That's it Thank you Moins

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Will you stay for atleast 5 years?

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Can you do core sales?

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U.S. Bank

Why do you want to work at this bank more than Bank X?

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Specially Asian country to sale the products.

Culture, credit climate, etc. are most suited to my personal beliefs and ethics.

Beause the job suited for working me very efficiently and I want to work in company which is perfect more than salary. Moins

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National Bank of Abu Dhabi

Why u want to be a part of NBAD?

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Smiles for tomorrow..

Your business is known for making a commitment to bettering the community. I would love the opportunity to use my 10 years of experience in Banking to better this community with you. Moins

Because I worked in HSBC for 3 years and ADCB for 1.5 years and I want to be a part in NBAD too for a change Moins

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L&T Financial Services

tell me smthng abt urself

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I am a MBA gruadute. Presently I am working as a Branch manager in HIH at valiioor .I have 4 years of working experience in micro finance field Moins

i am teacher as a reasoning subject. in delhi

i want give interview for the post relationship manager. plz give me one golden chance for interview Moins

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Axis Securities and Sales

are you comfortable for location far from your current address?

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I am comfortable


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