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Phillips 66
On a demandé à Oil Refinery Operator...17 janvier 2016

Was I presented with an opportunity to let safety standards drop in lieu of a time crunch?

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I gave an example of how safety comes first in that line of work in relation to a situation where I saved a co-worker by making sure he was wearing his safety harness which could have resulted in him possibly falling 150 feet to his death. Moins


"Tell me about your safety policy"? I asked three clarifying questions about this question as asked. I believe he misread the question and I was out of time before he realize he kind of hang me out to dry. I accept that I could have definitely just misunderstood him but he repeated that exact phrase again.

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I incorrectly answered this question. What they were trying to get at was a list of safety policies at a past employer. Moins

Phillips 66

Have you ever dealt with an emergency situation?

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For me picking a single one was quite difficult, being a firefighter that is the nature of my job! Moins

Chevron Products Company

are you afraid of height

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Valero Energy

Tell me a time you noticed a safety issue and how you handled it.

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I had just picked up a 4 car load heading to spring from Freeport and noticed a a strap was loose,i then proceeded by letting off the accelerator and turning on my 4 way flashers, once I reached about 20mph I steered towards the shoulder of the street as began pressing the breaks. Once I came to a complete stop I put the vehicle in park then engaged the Parkin break. I stepped out and fastened the strap properly and began my trip again. Moins

Marathon Oil

Scenario of how to treat other employees in certain situations

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Do they hire operators with no experience?


Describe a time when you had to make an unauthorized decision. What was the outcome?

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We were experiencing severe shortage of Glucoamylase enzyme used in bio-refinery. My site has a safety policy where -"stop outside work if Thunderstorm and lightning is under 7 mile radius". Since we were almost out of enzyme any more delay in unloading enzyme would severely affect our reaction and production numbers. With consent from my supervisor I authorized driver to unload the enzyme into our enzyme storage tank. As far as outcome we were able to keep-up with the normal enzyme dosage and the target production goal. Moins

Chevron Products Company

I don't recall anything unexpected or particularly difficult.

Marathon Petroleum

How well do you work with others

Chevron Products Company

what would you do if asked to do something you thought was unsafe

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