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The Assessment Centre

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approach the excercises as an evaluation how you will succeed in a sales role. Are you able to close? Ask for additional business etc.

What was the Assessment Centre like and what did they ask in the management interviews?

How do you get up in the morning?

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Would you be able to explain to me your understanding of the position?

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Did you do research on the company and can you tell us about the company? What can you tell us about our graduate program? Have you worked with Java before and what are your experiences with it? Any other languages you speak? Assessment Day Questions 1) Sort from highest to smallest: GB > TB > KB > MB 2) Exactly three films—Greed, Harvest, and Limelight—are shown during a film club's festival held on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Each film is shown at least once during the festival but never more than once on a given day. On each day at least one film is shown. Films are shown one at a time. The following conditions apply: On Thursday Harvest is shown, and no film is shown after it on that day. On Friday either Greed or Limelight, but not both, is shown, and no film is shown after it on that day. On Saturday either Greed or Harvest, but not both, is shown, and no film is shown after it on that day. Which one of the following could be a complete and accurate description of the order in which the films are shown at the festival? a) Thursday: Limelight, then Harvest; Friday: Limelight; Saturday: Harvest b) Thursday: Harvest; Friday: Greed, then Limelight; Saturday: Limelight, then Greed c) Thursday: Harvest; Friday: Limelight; Saturday: Limelight, then Greed d) Thursday: Greed, then Harvest, then Limelight; Friday: Limelight; Saturday: Greed e) Thursday: Greed, then Harvest; Friday: Limelight, then Harvest; Saturday: Harvest 3) Take %25 off of $200 and then take another %20. (No Calculators allowed) 4) The bag with the black and white balls question they usually have on the test. You can find the question somewhere in this site, as others have already posted it.

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They asked a lot about me, and where I wanted to be in the next few years

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I'd like to offer you this position. Take some time to consider if it is for you and email us if you accept.

its all about ur personality if its suitable for sales. and if u have an unbeatable heart which when ppl hung u up on the phone u ok....if u get one person say no to u means u are one more step closer to ur target..

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