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On a demandé à un Reading & Writing Tutor/Independent Contractor...10 octobre 2022

Her: "A students creative writing assignment is flat. How would you make it better?" Me: "Well, what's the assignment?" Her: "Not important."


Explain your teaching experience and how you would apply that to their tutoring platform.

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I told them about my experience teaching online ESL for a private company for two years and had a 5-star rating from the parents. I explained that during my tutoring sessions I would use a lot of TPR, create a fun learning environment, and adapt based on the needs to the student. Moins

Arlington Public Schools

What are you reading right now?

Pinellas County Schools

What benefits do you bring to the job?

American Reading Company

Why was reading essential for students


- Tell me about yourself - What are some difficulties you have encountered in life? - How did you overcome them?

Institute of Reading Development

(Video Response) Why do you want to work for the institute?

Institute of Reading Development

(Video response) Tell us who you are.

Institute of Reading Development

Do you have any questions for me after watching the video?

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