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Reading Partners
On a demandé à un Site Coordinator At Reading Partners...5 juillet 2016

How would you handle behavior challenges? Student that are difficult for tutors to work with

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I would find out first what they like and get to know them as people. After that I would use something they like as an incentive to get work done. Prior to beginning each session I would take time to find out how their day was what they did last weekend or what they'll do this weekend. If student is upset I'll take time to find out why they're upset and see if we can find an answer to the problem. If it's something I can't change I'll just let them know that I'm available if they want to talk Moins

first I'll take time to find out about the student; likes, dislikes. I'll ask why they don't want to work. I'll use something they like as an incentive to get work done. Prior to starting the session I'll take time to find out how they're doing. If they're upset about something I'll take time to talk about it with them to see if we can find an answer. If not, I'll just let them know I'm available to talk when they're ready Moins

Mobile Minds Tutoring

How would you get a student interested in a subject that he/she doesn't care for? How would you make that lesson fun?

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Try to find out the student's interests (favorite TV show, movie,video game, book, etc) and cater it to the lesson plan. Example: If you are teaching a student math and he/she like The Nightmare Before Christmas, add the characters to the math problem. Jack has 12 pumpkin bombs and gives 7 to Sally. Zero takes 1. How many pumpkin bombs does Jack now have? Jack now has 4 pumpkin bombs. Moins

I Can Read

Describe your teaching style.

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Answered truthfully and personally to experience.


What is your experience with teaching children?

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I raised my 3 sons and I babysat for alot of my family members.


How did you become interested in Kumon?

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I really like working with children, especially the young and enthusiastic ones, and want to help them in their school so they won't turn out like others. Moins


What makes you want to help children?

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I really enjoy how children can become excited by becoming engaged with the work, which can really put me from a depressed mood to a happy mood. Moins


What will you do if a student is not engaged in learning?

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I would most likely either offer them a prize (i.e. a high-five), or relating the problem to something they like. Moins


Q: How many hours are available for you to work

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I was available for all the hours of the center being opened and said so.

Chicago Public Library

I was asked to read a book to the interviewers who acted as the children I would be interacting with during the summer.

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It was interesting to get into character and read the book to the "children."

The Literacy Lab

Why do you want to join Literacy Lab?

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Read up on their values on their website.

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