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On a demandé à un Quality Systems Manager...7 octobre 2010

What did you do when you were faced with a task that had heavy oppostion?

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I did my research to find out who the biggest stakeholders were to get clearity on the task at hand. I then ask them for support in dealing with opposing groups or individuals that were presenting road blocks. Moins

Living away from home.

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It did not pose a problem for me since my wife and daughter are also working and have their own places of abode. I get to go back to Philippines every half year or on business trips. Moins

Johnson & Johnson

Describe your definition of Quality Systems.

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Those aspects of a companies systems and processes required by the regulators that ensure a company meets required quality standards. Moins


Tell me about your manager experience?

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I answered this question perfectly - I do not have any direct reports, but I have been a leader in multiple facets. Additionally, I recently received my master's degree specializing in Technical leadership. Moins

Super Micro Computer, Inc. (Supermicro)

Can you send me an example of metric review slides?

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I offered a redacted version and would provide it if offered an onsite interview

American Woodmark

What is your birthday? Do you have children and what is their age? Do you have grandchildren?

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The interview was behavioral based and most of the questions related to related various experiences throughout my career and how I handled them.

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I was able to relate my experiences and my thought process used during those events. Moins

Johnson & Johnson

Describe some of your weaknesses.

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Often one's strengths are also one's weaknesses or contribute to one's weaknesses. Since I tend to be somewhat analytical, I recognize that I need to temper my communication style so as not to overwhelm those I'm communicating with. Although I don't specifically feel that communications is a weakness of mine, since it is a critical part of one's career growth and ability to effectively collaborate with others, this is an area that I tend to focus extra attention on to ensure my messages are properly received by my audience. Moins

Partnership Employment

What experience do you have in our industry?


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