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Ventura Foods
On a demandé à un Quality Supervisor...19 août 2020

My job experience

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Truthfully well explained

I'm working at Jain irrigation systems limited my postion is lab assistant and inspector on QA and QC department Moins

SCN BestCo

I asked," would there be any reason you could see that I would be unable to fulfill the requirements of this job?"

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The answer from the panel was "No."

i Think you meant this review for Bestco, Mooresville. This is another company in CA Moins

Gulf Asia Contracting

As per ASME B31.3

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Good interviewer

Mapna Group

What you will do if the project manager ask you to do something against the codes?

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I will argue with him to convince him otherwise, if he insisted, I will ask him a written order. Moins

GS Engineering & Construction

integrity in quality processes during Production Process was one thing behind which the entire interview was based on.

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Everything is always based on work ethics. We always have to apply ourselves the basic working Quality Standards and the work goes on smoothly. Moins

Trialblazer Foods

Issues you've had with prior supervisors or managers and how you've dealt with them.

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Communication is the key. Usually problems arise from misunderstandings and the best way to deal with those are to appropriately approach the person and talk to them. Moins


What do you like to do on your free time?

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I enjoy playing bachee ball and golf. Other than that I enjoy spending time with my family. Moins

Fresh Del Monte Produce

Why did you leave your last job

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How it looks a CPK graphic?

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I couldn't answer that cuestion.

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