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Outdoor Sportsman Group
On a demandé à un QA Manager...30 septembre 2023

General questions on background and experience.

DM Clinical Research

How would you start off leading a team of experienced professionals? What is the timeframe to report an SAE for a study subject that has been hospitalized? Define ALCOA.


How do I see/feel this role could contribute towards delivering excellence for our clients?


EVERY interviewer asked how I handle conflict? Red Flag!

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Provide a collaborative, informed environment.


What is BDD and TDD testing


Tell me about yourself How you handle stress

Loop Earplugs

The business case focused on design & manufacturing quality. There were questions linked to supplier quality audits, controlling manufacturing processes, and customer complaint handling.


They asked me all about the ridiculous Amazon principles.

Fortis Games

We are looking for people who will test , not managers.

Rebel Foods (Formerly Faasos)

Including the questions about the entire background and details about last job ,technical questions were asked during the interview which included the basic questions like difference between QA-QC, Danger zone for food products and HACCP principles related equations were asked with detailed explanation. There were also a number of hypothetical situations which were the subject of discussion and technical questions were asked in relation to these situations.

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General introduction and work experience was shared in details when asked about the background. Basic questions related to QA-QC , HACCP ,etc were answered with the examples and situational questions were answered with the reference of past experience, awareness and knowledge about the operations. Moins

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