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On a demandé à un Quality Auditor...17 août 2021

Do you have any experience with the position and if not would you be willing to learn and be dedicated?

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I use to be a Quality Inspector AlwaysHard72Auditor for Enersys Batteries in 2008-2020 Moins

I use to be a Quality Inspector Auditor for Enersys Batteries in 2008-2010.

Bureau Veritas

How will you add value to this company

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Described my skills, knowledge and other attributes to sell myself

I will apply my skills and knowledge to the company.

Virgin America

Have you ever conducted random audits

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Yes, for over 7 years. But most of thebtime the audits are scripted to ensure guidelines are met Moins

SAC Wireless

How often was I ever late meeting deadlines for handing in deliverables

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rarely, I can't remember any but I'm sure it happened here and there.

Mitra SK Pvt

What is the Volatile matter % in all four types of coal?

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Lignite- 32-36% Sub- Bituminous- Can't give answer Bituminous- 19-32% Anthracite- 3-9% Moins

Stearns Lending

General questions about your experience.

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It was a casual conversation where we talked about the industry and position.


Tell me about a time that you were not able to meet a deadline. Tell me about a time that you did not get along with a coworker and how did you handle that.

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Explained about a project that I worked on that I was not able to meet a deadline due to system issue's. Explained that I did not get along with a coworker due to differing opinions and how I managed that. Moins


Have you worked in a Quality Inspection station before?

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All stations are quality inspection stations.


How do you deal with multiple management on issues you find to get a true root cause?

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You have to be open minded and have good active listening skills to understand the reason behind each individual. Moins


I was not asked about anything other than previous experience. I put in a alot of effort to prepare for this interview ( researching the company, memorizing their values, motto,etc ) As well as memorizing my own answers to questions such as "why do you want to work here?" "Why should we hire you" etc.

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Not being asked about anything other than experience was rather disappointing. it seems like they have no interest in "you", why you want to work there, or anything else. Moins

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