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FxPro Group
On a demandé à un QA Engineer...5 décembre 2022

HR screening: questions about experience, salary expectation, previous job. Technical interview: QA theory, programming knowledge. Final interview: don't know, was rejected

Unlimited WP

Knowledge about WordPress and testing?


What is your current salary and Notice period

Napses Technologies

1 java coding question, selenium web driver basic questions . website automation script. Automation framework based questions.

Rigel Networks

1. Automation Testing Techniques 2. Integration Testing


- Do you have experience with Crypto and Blockchain? - Are you ready to build the processes from scratch? - Regular testing theory questions


Technical about the QA function


Technical questions related to the Quality assurance function

Mitra Innovation

OOP Basic QA theories SDLC Problem solving skills Projects and past experience

Speridian Technologies

How to handle difficult situation that may happen during a project

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