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On a demandé à un QE Manager...1 décembre 2015

Tell me about a time when you had to handle a difficult situation.

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Simply recalled a situation that did not go well. Described the situation, the task, accomplishment, and result. Moins


Interview questions are fully based on whatever domain, tools, languages mentioned in CV and not beyond that. Per industry standard, Couple of Management rounds and couple of technical rounds interviews scheduled which are very realistic .

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Since questions were asked whatever tools and languages mentioned in CV, it was easy for me to explain most of the questions Moins

Enphase Energy

Demonstrably prove you could use an IDE I had never used before. The position was not for coding, but you wanted proof of being able to navigate and find bugs in code using an IDE not known prior? No prep asked for. The people were pretty smug.

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"What do we do here?" "How will you test what we do here?" "We want to test your coding skills because, well, we don't believe what we see and hear. Here is a totally new IDE, let's get started. Go... (silence ensues for the duration of the interview)." Moins


Best practices for Product Release quality and Release GO-NO Go decisions


Explain Microservices amd api testing with various levels and phases - contract/e2e, resiliency and security


Scrum process and definition of done for user stories, automation coverage and regression scope


A time you used data to drive process improvement

Zimmer Biomet

What are your strengths and weaknesses?


How will you report the defect metrics to the leadership team How will you prioritize the defects if we have many production defects across multiple applications


Come up with a comprehensive test plan for a system

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