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On a demandé à un Quality Assurance...21 mars 2023

can you do work overtime? can you acceped the work in your hand are very much?

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- yes, it normal with manufacturing company. - i have to accept it and in the future we will help to improve process as no work hard but work smart. Moins


What I are some codes you used in SAP?


Basic questions related to software testing.

Corporate Travel Management

They would give scenarios such as failed tests or how you would approach certain tasks.

Bajaj Finance

What is the method to test the pageload ?

Jade Global

Provar tools experience along with selenium

Tata Consultancy Services

Basic questions related to software development SDLC life cycle etc. Rest APi testing related questions . Questions on automation testing also on manual testing Jira related questions Questions on the project worked on.

FiftyFive Technologies

How can we run a same test multiple times?

FiftyFive Technologies

Write the code to print a pattern in java.

FiftyFive Technologies

Questions asked about Manual testing,Automation basics,Sql

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