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On a demandé à un Quality Assurance...4 octobre 2022

Why do you want to work for Pepsi


"What do you do to meet a deadline?"


technical round questions- -efficient program for printing k largest elements in an array. -allocate and deallocate memory -What are class and object in C++? -operator overloading


Qual é minha história de vida?


Foram varias, mas a mais comum e como é nossa vida né nossa rotina, basicamente sua história de vida.


Why would you like to work as a QA Engineer

Papaya Global

One of the Questions was :Please tell us in English what company does.

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I had some kind of a blackout though my English is quite good.. and then Itzik asked me to tell about myself, personal life etc. and then I managed. Thanks. Moins


What are your career goals?


How do your previous colleagues see you?


Testing methods Levels Agile Scrum Test techniques

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Unit, integration, sys, acceptance Smoke sanity Regression Agile scrum ceremonies Test case creation, test case execution Moins

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