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On a demandé à un Senior QA Automation Engineer...23 septembre 2022

1 - What are the differences between priority" and severity? Explain an example of a high-priority and low-severy issue and vice-versa. 2 - How can you start a job in a CI/CD platform? 3 - Questions about REST services. 4 - What's a POM? (Give an example). 5 - An "easy" selenium exercise to locate an element with id "input-id"? This question is difficult to answer because there's no reference about what programming language you must use and if they expect the instruction to call the locator or the code from Webdriver initialization. 6 - Estimation techniques (well, they expect you to mention some of them even if the industry used scrum poker as the sole estimation technique). 7 - You must complete two code challenges. The difficult challenge is getting the maximum even sum of an unordered array with positive and negative values (For instance, [-1, -2, 40, 30, 5], the result should be 74).


How does a QA contribute to the development process


What is expected from a QA


What is your understanding of a QA


if I had experience with Java and what I was doing in my current role.


What is your experience managing remote/distributed teams? Do you have any experience with lab software or data analysis? What is your experience with leading transformational automation projects?

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Scenario based questions dependent upon level of position. Also scenario based, and then can you provide an example of a time where you were able to accomplish something similar, etc. Also open talk, etc. Typically Group interviews. May start off with 1 or 2 Employees, possibly 3-4, then break off for a couple of minutes individually, and or regroup. Gives tour of Office/ Manufacturing/ Faciliities, Typically allow candidates to speak with other employees (usually close to the realm of position they are interviewing for). Allow Q&A with prospective peer employees,. Then open up for Q&A with Hiring Managers, and or higher-ups involved in the interview process. Then manage expectations, of if there are other interviews, when they should have an answer, etc. walk thru shown around

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This was multiple examples. The scenario one an exact example would be: If there was/ is a communication breakdown which affects a company internally and externally, this can lead to long-term, and larger issues. Have you ever encountered a scenario like this, and if so, can you share a story/ experience in how you were able to change/ correct/ implement better ideas/ strategies, etc. The story shared was one of a communication breakdown in my Military position. What I did to change the communication breakdown without having to crassly and blatantly point fingers, and or directing higher ups which could be shut down if they were unreceptive. I just started the change in communication personally, started advisining my peers/ co-workers to make the change as it had successfully helped correct A,B, and C. Then the higher-ups took notice, and I was awarded an award for Implementing and Taking Action in Open and Engaging Communication. Moins

Difficult situation Stressfull situation Why u choose


related to: leadership, technical accounting, problem-solving, relation to peers & boss

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answer with positive attitude, learn from accounting book


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