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Gold Star TEFL Recruitment
On a demandé à un New Business Developer & PR Specialist...18 septembre 2014

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

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In the next five years I see myself working on my own business and also traveling and learning about new different cultures Moins

In the next five years, i see myself as a flourishing entrepreneur, doing good things for my country and for my family as well as growing as a person by learning new languages and cultures. Moins

I want to see myself as a good people,..i want to do something good for country,for people.. Moins

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Opal Consulting Group

How do you like to be rewarded for accomplishments?

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I don't need to be rewarded for my accomplishments because I'm not so insecure as to need to be coddled every time I do something good. Didn't really care for this question. Moins


Do you have any experience on training people?

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Yes I did. My last job required me to train part time helper.


What skills can you offer that you believe we as a company could benefit from?

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My strongest skills lie in the the ability to effectively interpret documentation as well as produce literature. I would be a fantastic asset copyrighting for the company. My research skills are also transferable for directing communication, ensuring conversation with clients is comprehensive and constructive. Moins


What is the capital city of......?

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Good Shepherd Health System

If someone left a poor online review/angry statement on social media, how would you handle it?

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Address the problem and apologize for any inconvenience, then get the conversation offline. Ask them to call you, so the problem can be addressed. Moins

What is your spirit animal?

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A cheetah because they are face paced and aggressive


Describe a proud moment in career

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Describe a difficult moment in career


how many years of experience?

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5 years


why did you leave previous company?

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bad management

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