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Scott Dawson Advertising
On a demandé à un Public Relations Executive...19 juin 2019

The company did not ask me any questions as I declined the interview.

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The company did not ask me any questions as I declined the interview.

Just read this comment with interest I’m a professional HR Executive and I think you’re very unprofessional making comments about a company you haven’t even been to - your naivety is quite clear that you don’t know the commercial business world and how companies operate and make decisions - I don’t know the company you’re referring to but I think they’ve done themselves a favour not employing you - get a grip girl and welcome to the real commercial world Moins

Dissing a company publicly online over a pathetic conversation which is obviously biased shows very immature behaviour from yourself - businesses have more important decisions to worry about rather than worrying about comments from little girls (assuming you’re a girl) who are offended by not being pampered by a business who clearly were interested in offering you a position - at least they’ve escaped employing you - try and be more professional instead of slagging businesses off who are trying to keep their heads above water with day to day challenges Moins

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CHG Healthcare

Have you ever worked at a company with competing brands?

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No I have not but would love to learn more

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Gold Star TEFL Recruitment

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

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In the next five years I see myself working on my own business and also traveling and learning about new different cultures Moins

In the next five years, i see myself as a flourishing entrepreneur, doing good things for my country and for my family as well as growing as a person by learning new languages and cultures. Moins

I want to see myself as a good people,..i want to do something good for country,for people.. Moins

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Valiant Marketing Group

It was so hot in there, I honestly don't remember her questions, but it felt like a sales pitch for a pyramid scheme.

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As soon as I figured out what kind of job it was, I left the interview promptly, wishing I had never gone. Moins

Being a college graduate with two degrees... HA! This is the owner of the business who came on here to overturn the truthful statement of the original post. She brags about her "2 degrees" from a second rate Big Ten school a number of times during the interview process Moins

I have interviewed for this business, being a college graduate with two degrees. I felt like the compensation that was offered was fair as its guaranteed income yet seems to reward those who perform higher. I can see that the training program was designed like a business school. There is chance for serious growth into hire management. I hope I get the position to represent their clients. They all check out when I research them online. Moins

Brian Communications

Describe a challenging time in your life and how you overcame it.

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I had a client question my authority until a crisis arose and I offered to fly to headquarters and spend the week by her side in the trenches planning scenarios, developing messages, media materials, presentations to be given to FDA, media coach and presentation training, standby statements, Q&A, backgrounders and press releases. She came around by the end of the week congratulating me on our achievement (crisis controlled) and admitted that we got off on the wrong foot. Moins

My biggest weakness is that I am a perfectionist and can hold up the document approval process because I haven’t reviewed it yet. Moins

What is your biggest weakness.

Cartoon Network

What is your dream job?

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Cartoon Network

Voice actor

Storyboard Artist

Hyundai Motor

True or False?: - I pass stool every day. - I have hurt someone very badly.

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True I hurt someone day for very bad And accident in every day

easy interview

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma & Texas | HCSC

What are your greatest skills for this job?

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I mentioned my depth of experience and all my original ideas for the job. He liked the fact that I had a lot of original ideas. Moins


Do you have a husband?

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