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On a demandé à un Psychiatrist...6 octobre 2018

Tiered compensation based on productivity and TMS work performed

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Geared to reward full time employees more heavily.

MidHudson Regional Hospital of Westchester Medical Center

Why do you want to work here?

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I don't recall. They're pretty desperate. Desperate to the point that I don't think it matters Moins

BayCare Health System

They had none for me. I asked them why they had trouble keeping psychiatrists

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They dodged the question. Clinical staff said they do not support the psychiatrist enough, or give him/her time to conference with the treating staff enough.They seem more interested in volume and a rather mediocre job, than keeping the staff current on therapeutic modalities Moins

US Air Force

not applicable, you do need to pass a security clearance

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If you have past legal matters or drug use, then don't waste your time applying.

YAI - Seeing beyond disability

What was my experience working with this population

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Shared my experience

Iris Telehealth

Very reasonable and easy interview. I was asked about hours I am willing to work. Also we talked about hourly compensation.

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US Department of Veterans Affairs

1. describe one of your most difficult cases. 2 describe a case that did not turn out well.

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after 25 plus yr of experience, I was caught off guard.


When can you start working if you were offerred the job here?

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What is the salary you are looking for?

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I don't know

Iris Telehealth

Your philosophy on care patients

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To be a good patient advocate

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